Easter Thoughts

Posted by Emma on 19th Apr 2019

Before we break up for Easter Weekend, we have been taking some time to reflect on the On The Merch journey so far. From starting out with early concepts of unique merchandise inspired by some of our favourite movies and TV shows, we have expanded our thinking along with our product range. Listening to our customers has been key to our shop, and we have built up our offerings based on what you have asked for. And we believe that's the way a shop should run, simply provide what people are looking for. 

Our products are some of the best value on the market, because we believe everyone should have an awesome unique mug (or other item, keep your eyes peeled for more on that later!) that speaks of their personality. A big high for us in recent weeks has been the introduction of our Premier League inspired collection, football mugs that can be personalised with any name and number featuring your favourite team. Even with the buzz around the launch, we are constantly looking forward and can't wait to show you even more new team designs in the very near future.

The launch of our amazing Vivika Widow line of mugs may be one of our proudest moments. Not only are we in partnership with an outstanding author, we are collectively helping a truly amazing cause. Ragdolls UK are on a mission to support children and young people with genetic disorders, with a special emphasis on Turner's Syndrome. A diagnosis of these conditions can be incredibly daunting for a young person, but with the right support there are no barriers they can't break, and Ragdolls UK provides this and so much more. We are massively proud to be supporting such a worthwhile cause, while at the same time still providing some majorly kick-ass mugs. Have you seen them??

In the coming months we will be bringing in our Father's Day range, as well as our Thank You Teacher, Graduation and Wedding ranges. In addition we have opened up our catalogue to include some funny, cute and cheeky designs that are great for any time! The future looks exciting, and as long as you have a cuppa in a cool mug there isn't much you can't do.

Happy Easter everyone!